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The advantage over your competition.

A well made tree is essential to the crafting of a quality western saddle. Hindering this endeavor are inconsistent materials, long lead times and poor design. Precision Saddle Tree Manufacturing, Inc is your solution for eliminating these obstacles to producing fine saddles.

Using modern technology not before employed by the tree industry, Precision Saddle Tree Manufacturing is able to deliver quality trees, without the usual long and inconsistent delivery time. Only the best material resources are used, and tradition is disregarded when superior, modern materials are available. Precisely engineered designs and hands-on production ensure reliable trees for your saddle making business. 

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We want to partner with you and your large or small shop to serve your customer and to offer you a competitive advantage over your competition.
We offer:
• Precision quality parts cut on computer driven CNC machines, assembled in jigs for reliable consistency.
• Coverings that ensure superior strength, a long tree life, and an effective seal to protect the wood from air and moisture. We use materials that won't bind or twist while drying.
• Timely assembly and shipping of your order. We normally ship within 10-14 business days.
• A limited, conditional Lifetime warranty which is limited to the normal and proper use of the product.

Precision Saddle Tree Manufacturing provides the highest quality Made In The USA product for the saddle making industry- made by knowledgeable saddle craftsmen for saddle craftsmen.