Tree Repair

Who doesn't have one of those broken raw hide trees lying around their shop? Why deal with the time consuming and costly process of getting a duplicate?  Precision Saddle Tree is your cost effective solution for quickly repairing your tree and getting it back in the saddle! 

How does Precision Tree repair a saddle tree?
• We remove the old rawhide.
• We repair the tree to the original fit.
• We then reinforce the tree with Kevlar®. We use Kevlar® because it is literally five times stronger than steel. Please see our Tree Coverings for more details about Kevlar®.
• We then overspray with DURAhide™ to seal the wood from moisture and air.

Why is tree repair a good deal for the saddle maker & customer?
• The tree will be as strong or stronger than the original. 
• Leather from the original saddle fits back on the tree with greater ease.
• If the tree had a good fit to the horse and rider, it will continue to have that same familiar fit.
We know that it is vital to you and your horse that your tree is sound. Each tree repair is different, and we treat them like individuals to ensure the highest repair quality. We’ll do our best to get you a time frame for your specific repairs once we’ve evaluated your tree.
• Our repair service is affordable. See our current Price List for details.

We put a limited, conditional Lifetime Warranty* on our Kevlar® Reinforced Repair Trees against breakage. 
* Warranty is limited to normal and intended use of product.

For more information about our tree repair process, please call us at 877-916-8733 or email us.