Tree Repair

Who doesn't have one of those broken raw hide trees lying around their shop? Why deal with the time consuming and costly process of getting a duplicate?  Precision Saddle Tree is your cost effective solution for quickly repairing your tree and getting it back in the saddle! 

How does Precision Tree repair a saddle tree?
• We remove the old rawhide.
• We repair the tree to the original fit.
• We then reinforce the tree with Kevlar®. We use Kevlar® because it is literally five times stronger than steel. Please see our Tree Coverings for more details about Kevlar®.
• We then overspray with DURAhide™ to seal the wood from moisture and air.

Why is tree repair a good deal for the saddle maker & customer?
• The tree will be as strong or stronger than the original. 
• Leather from the original saddle fits back on the tree with greater ease.
• If the tree had a good fit to the horse and rider, it will continue to have that same familiar fit.
• We can normally repair your tree and ship it back within two weeks.
• Our repair service is affordable. See our current Price List for details.

We put a limited, conditional Lifetime Warranty* on our Kevlar® Reinforced Repair Trees against breakage. 
* Warranty is limited to normal and intended use of product.

For more information about our tree repair process, please call us at 877-916-8733 or email us.