The Precision in Precision Saddle Tree

At Precision Saddle Tree we use Three-Dimensional Scanners, and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to engineer parts which are cut on CNC Machines. This equipment allows us to produce parts that are the same each and every time.

The right bar is a mirror image of the left bar. The right side of the swell is identical to the left side. This unmatched precision allows us to construct trees that fit perfectly together (i.e. without the use of fillers), providing for greater strength and the highest level of consistency in the industry.

Once we capture the fit for horse and rider we are looking for in our CAD equipment, we then reverse engineer the bars to create a jig. We then assemble our trees in jigs to give you the same fit each and every time you buy a tree from us whether you buy it today, three months from now, or next year.

Our saddle trees are made with Ponderosa Pine. We use Finland Birch plywood in our laminated swells.

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